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Alpine Wellness World

1.000 m2 – This is how much space we dedicate to your well-being.
Because there is nothing more beautiful than having enough space to to relax and unwind. Whether you want to take a sauna, bathe, read, massage or simply resting - no matter what you choose you choose, it's all good for your body and soul!

The classic for general well-being and relaxation of muscles. It is a so to say loose-loose massage, which provides better blood circulation, relaxation of muscles and removal of waste products.
This light, gentle relaxation massage increases the individual well-being and thus has an effect on body and soul.
The back or legs are pampered with an invigorating and tension-relieving massage. Is also recommended after sports activities.
The energy massage for the miracle work of the body, individual stimulation of the body functions via the foot, strengthens the immune system and organ-related work. (Includes foot bath and pack).
A relaxing facial massage to switch off and gain new energy, combined with a relaxed neck massage.
Who wants to do something good for his back, decides for an intensive back, head, neck and shoulder massage. It releases tension and relaxes the muscles.
The body is rubbed with warm oil and massaged with lava stones. Volcanic stones have been in nature for thousands of years and collect energy from air, wind and water. This energy is transferred to your body. Refreshes tired muscles, strengthens the body's defenses and provides a purifying effect.
An ideal massage with herbal stamps, has a purifying and detoxifying effect. Gentle massage movements with the heated aromatic stamps act fatigue, stress and muscle tension.

This special massage activates and mobilizes the muscles and also dissolves deep, persistent tensions.Tired muscles are regenerated, comforting the whole organism, and therefore supporting a relaxing mentality. The performance and wellbeing improves, thus creating an enhanced vitaliy of the body, while also reducing the risk of injury to the body. A professional power package for active athletes who want to maintain a good musculoskeletal system.

South Tyrolean bee honey is worked deep into the connective tissue of the back using a special tapping massage technique. This draws stored waste products and toxins deep out of the tissue and releases blockages. The lymphatic system is stimulated and the immune system strengthened. This is followed by a relaxing back massage with honey oil.
The hay bath made from selected herbs from our mountain meadows, has an effect invigorating on the circulation and strengthens the immune system. The sudorific property stimulates detoxification and has a positive effect on the entire motor system.
This treatment, indicated at the end of a hike or ski tour, soothes joint pain, soreness muscles and contractures.
The honey bath is purifying and moisturizing.
The mud bath is draining, healing and anti-rheumatic.
bath with classic partial massage 50 wellbeing minutes | 80 €
bath with full body massage 80 wellbeing minutes | 110 €
An effective facial treatment for him and her that gives the skin new energy and vitality. The treatment includes: cleansing, peeling, deep cleansing, eyebrow correction, serum, relaxing facial massage, mask eyes, face mask, eye contour cream, serum, day cream.
A gentle program to pamper the skin of your face. Treatment: cleansing, peeling, relaxing facial massage, face mask, eye contour cream, day cream.
Gentle eye treatment for a look beautiful and bright. Extremely refreshing and firming for the thin and delicate skin of the eye area. Treatment includes: cleansing, purifying mask, mask "Patch Lift Yeux" eyes, contour cream eyes, day cream.
This innovative facial treatment focuses on the essential elements that are good for the skin. With ingredients highly concentrated ensures an effective anti-aging action. The substances are modern and light and the active ingredients are perfectly balanced. The treatment was developed in collaboration with dermatologists and is suitable for all skin types.
An energetic treatment coming from raspberries. The refreshing mask with raspberries tightens the skin and provides a long-lasting and highly concentrated, removing any trace of facial fatigue as it indulges in a pleasant, relaxing break. The Treatment includes: cleansing, peeling, cleansing deep, facial massage, eye mask, raspberry peel off mask, cream eye contour, serum, day cream. For Dry and dehydrated skin of any age.
eyebrow correction wellbeing minutes | 17 €
eyebrow colouring wellbeing minutes | 17 €
eyelash colouring wellbeing minutes | 22 €
Manicure 50 wellbeing minutes | 55 €
Manicure with polish 60 wellbeing minutes | 60 €
Manicure with permanent polish 65 wellbeing minutes | 65 €
Pedicure 50 wellbeing minutes | 60 €
pedicure with polish 60 wellbeing minutes | 65 €
Pedicure with permanent polish 60 wellbeing minutes | 70 €
depilation half leg 20 wellbeing minutes | 35 €
depilation whole leg 30 wellbeing minutes | 45 €
depilation bikini line 15 wellbeing minutes | 20 €
depilation armpit 10 wellbeing minutes | 15 €
depilation arms 15 wellbeing minutes | 30 €
depilation upper lip 10 wellbeing minutes | 15 €
depilation back 20 wellbeing minutes | 40 €
Deeply cleansing body scrub, eliminates the signs of everyday life and acts as an authentic fountain of eternal youth for body and soul, gently removing excess skin cells. Suitable for all skin types
The combination has a purifying and purifying, as well as being liberating, revitalizing and beneficial. Suitable for all skin types.
Purifying treatment that tones and drains legs and buttocks. Ideal for warm temperatures.
The epidermis and the body are strengthened, purified and pervaded by new energy. Suitable for all skin types, if you you wish to feel the magic of a fresh sea breeze on your body.
body treatment with classic partial massage 50 wellbeing minutes | 80 €
body treatment with classic full body massage 80 wellbeing minutes | 110 €
  • small facial treatment
  • manicure
  • pedicure
  • sea salt whohle body peeling
  • fango bath
  • back massage
  • back intensive massage
  • head, neck and face massage
  • hay bath
  • raspberries face treatment
  • manicure
  • head - neck - face - massage
chocolate massage 25 wellbeing minutes | 35 €
honey massage 25 wellbeing minutes | 35 €
chocolate bath 25 wellbeing minutes | 40 €
manicure 25 wellbeing minutes | 35 €

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